Explore the Remote Tailgate Feature Available on Ford Trucks

With the new lineup of Ford trucks available in 2019, you’ll be wondering which features you might be able to find on some of your favorite models. Each new year brings some of the same, reliable features like the best-in-class towing and hauling that Ford does so well or technology features like the SYNC® infotainment systems to provide you access to your favorite music and apps without taking your attention away from the roads around Florida.

Take a peek at the video below and you’ll find a feature that explains a newer feature to the Ford lineup, the Remote Tailgate Release.

Remote Tailgate Release Provides Easy, Access to Your Cargo Bed

While a feature like this might seem only situationally useful, it provides numerous ways in which you can enrich your driving experience. The feature will allow you to lower your tailgate without having to get out of your truck cabin or from the comfort of your house as you prepare to carry a heavy load out to it. It’s a way of making sure your truck gives you an accessible cargo area and limiting the amount of work you put into preparing your truck. It might seem like a small thing but, shouldn’t your truck work for you, not the other way around?

We here at Weikert Ford Inc know that making your driving lifestyle easier is something a lot of owners are looking for. Many vehicles now feature technology that does just that. The Ford lineup of trucks includes this feature, and many others because it’s all about convenience. You aren’t sacrificing the capabilities for these features, either. It’s just another item in a long list of benefits to owning a Ford truck.

Swing by our dealership and we’ll show you exactly how Remote Tailgate Release feature works. Even better, we’ll put you behind the wheel for a test drive because experiencing one part of the truck is great but getting the whole adventure- that’s the best part.

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