Ford Fiesta ST: Driven to Perform

The Ford Fiesta ST is a popular performance hatchback with a stylish appearance. It features race-inspired seats, a sporty interior, and a bold grille. Two noteworthy performance features include electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) and excellent stopping power.

Its electric power-assisted steering provides responsive tracking at low speeds. You have greater control at higher speeds too because the EPAS decreases unwanted oscillations in the steering wheel. Stopping power is great with the Ford Fiesta ST. It has an anti-lock brake system, aggressive pads, and four-wheel disc brakes. You can decelerate quickly when needed. Its stopping power is excellent on various road conditions. You'll feel safer knowing how well the brakes work.

The Ford Fiesta ST doesn't just look sporty and sleek. Its performance features give the performance hatchback good stopping power and responsive steering. You can test drive the Ford Fiesta ST at Weikert Ford Inc. in Lake Wales, FL.

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