Observe the Move Over Law for Your Safety

Have you ever noticed people pulling over or stopping for a specific vehicle - such as an ambulance, tow truck or cop – on your way to work or school? That common courtesy isn’t actually a courtesy: it’s all part of the Move Over Law.

The purpose of this law is for safety reasons. When approaching an oncoming vehicle that has hazard lights on, moving over off the road or moving into another lane is a simple way to ensure that these important transportation vehicles have the room to get where they need to as fast and safe as possible.

Not moving over or pulling off for these certain vehicles can be punishable by fines. The fines are usually $100 each offence, unless the violation contributes to an accident. Then the fine is $150 and 3 points taken off the violator’s license. Every state in the U.S has the Move Over law. Exercise caution, and make it a habit to move over and slow down for construction workers, state road workers, firefighters, cops, and ambulances.

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