Get Expert Repair Service For Your Vehicle At Our Dealership

You can rest assured that you will get the best repair service for your vehicle at Weikert Ford Inc. Our mechanics and technicians use only the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts when conducting repair work on your car. This will result in your vehicle looking as good or even better than before! Using parts that are not original equipment manufacturer parts may void warranties and can result in problems down the road.

Let us handle any repair work that you may need and it will be backed by a guarantee by us and the manufacturer of the parts we use to fix up your car. Even if you don't need major repair work, we at Weikert Ford Inc. provide an ideal place to get your oil changed or tires rotated. We offer fast, friendly and professional service. Schedule a service appointment ahead of time and relax in our lounge while we work to get your vehicle repaired and serviced.

Contact us to arrange Ford service in Lake Wales, FL soon!

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